Wim en Ellen Vreugdenhil – What’s in a name

Hello family members,

It isn’t easy living in the USA. Our beautiful name is rather difficult for them. Below you’ll find a list of all the different ways they’ve written the name. Do you encounter them too? Please tell us!

  • Vreugdenhl
  • Ureugdenhill
  • Vreugenhill
  • Vreugdemhil
  • Vreugdhill
  • Vreugdennil
  • Vreughenhil
  • Vreurgenhil
  • V.Flilh
  • Vreaugdenhil
  • Vreungdenhil
  • Vruegendehhil
  • Vrellgdenhil
  • Vrugendhil

Wim and Ellen Vreugdenhil (K XII ae).

Wim en Ellen Vreugdenhil (K XII ae)