Marjoleyn and Hendrik in TV program “The perfect renovation”

Marjoleyn Vreugdenhil (K XII a.1)
Photo: Marjoleyn Vreugdenhil

Marjoleyn Vreugdenhil (K XII a.1) daughters are leaving the house in Noordwijk, so time has come at last to convert it to her and her partner Hendrik’s very own love nest. But how can they transform their dark, small-roomed house to their dream home?

The architects from the tv program The Perfect Home Make Over took their chances and the most favourite design became reality! It is up to the two architects, including Britta, to transform the dark, cluttered and closed house into a dream home. The architects go all out and use Virtual Reality to show what is possible with the house. Which design will Marjoleyn and Hendrik choose?

The presentation was done by Nicolette Kluijver. This broadcast of the program De Perfecte Verbouwing with the title episode 7 was broadcast on Wednesday 17 February by RTL4. Click here to watch the episode (account RTL XL required).


Source: TV Gids & RTL