Laura Vreugdenhil opens The Clubsandwich Company

Laura Vreugdenhil (K XI ad.1.2)
By: De redacteuren Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM – Suddenly there she was: Laura Vreugdenhil with The Clubsandwich Company, situated just behind the Museumplein at the Roelof Hartstreet in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The name hints at the formula that focuses on the famous sandwich with ‘chicken lettuce under bacon’. It is clear that you can’t just eat two, but ten variations of this famous sandwich at The Clubsandwich Company. But how? Owner Laura says:

“Everyone around the world a hotel or restaurant menu often lists just two sandwich-es: chicken or salmon. It’s a very popular sandwich and very universal since everyone knows what it is. What also helps is that it’s called the exact same in every language. But why just two? Why not expand on the idea with ten variations with different flavours? And that’s when the concept of The Clubsandwich Company was born.”