Ingrid Vreugdenhil is an animal interpreter

Ingrid Vreugdenhil (N X aj.3)

“Very early on in my childhood I noticed a deep connection with animals and their feelings. Back then still subconsciously, but later on much more consciously. Although I intuitively knew I reacted differently in situations regarding animal cruelty, for a long time it wasn’t easy to ‘just’ talk about it and share it.

Until I started a course “animal interpreter” with Cecilia van der Drift. I learned from her how to translate all those messages from animals and eventually started my own practice where I give readings and healings. It is very important to me to give animals a “voice” and by linking my reading to consultations I was able to further guide the dog and owner. I would love to let you feel what it is like to have real contact with your dog!

MI have expanded my knowledge by following:

  • Study group “Ras en Gedrag” by Petra Driessen
  • Workshop B.A.T training
  • Workshop SATS training
  • Course and specialization foreign dogs
  • Assistent trainer by “Bureau Hond”
  • From the end of 2016 to March 2020 Socialization Walks for Dog and Boss
  • Workshops on the use of essential oils on animals:
    • Easy Raindrop
    • Do Terra

Phone: +316 432 71 537

3151 AE Hoek van Holland
Prins Hendrikstraat 51
3151 AE Hoek van Holland
The Netherlands