Gerrit Vreugdenhil answers pastoral questions in Fruit Bowl

Ds. Gerrit Vreugdenhil (O XI j.1)
By: Bart van Delen
Source: EO
Photo: Gerrit Vreugdenhil

‘I would like to know’ Is a permanent part of the jubliee EO-radio program The Musical Fruit Bowl. One of the recognizable voices in this pastoral question section is rev. Gerrit Vreugdenhil of the Sint-Janskerk in Gouda. “In such a building you feel more of God’s majesty and of faith through the ages.”

“I love doing this,” says Rev. Gerrit Vreugdenhil about the contribution he regularly makes to The Musical Fruit Bowl. “Reactions from community members make it clear to me that this work is really meaningful. But it is also very pleasant to brainstorm with presenter Tjitske Volkerink in advance. We choose topics from current events, or answer questions from listeners.”

Do you learn something from the broadcasts yourself?
“I like that the conversation in the question section ‘I would like to know’ is not a monologue, but an interview. As a result, I have to think carefully about the topics and the conversation sometimes goes in a different direction than we have prepared. I believe the Spirit wants to send us there.”

Who is Gerrit Vreugdenhil?

  • Married to Corine, father of Rachel, Lucas and María Esperanza
  • Studied medical biology, later graduated in theology (PhD in 2013)
  • Served as a missionary to Chile in 1998
  • Became pastor in Woerden in 2007
  • Has been a pastor in Gouda since 2014
  • Regularly heard in the ‘I would like to know’ section of The Musical Fruit Bowl