Ferdinand Vreugdenhil receives Medal of Honor from Den Helder city

Ferdinand Vreugdenhil (J X h.6)
Ferdinand Vreugdenhil (J X h.6)
By: Stijn Vos
Source: Regionoordkop.nl
Photo: Zeestad

DEN HELDER – Departing Zeestad-CEO, Ferdinand Vreugdenhil, receives the Medal of Honor from the city of Den Helder; a decision made by the bench of Mayor and Aldermen. He has been given the award as a token of appreciation for his hard work and dedication as Zeestad-CEO regarding the urban renewal of Den Helder for the past fifteen years.

“As Zeestad-CEO Ferdinand Vreugdenhil as contributed to the success of many projects within the Stadshart urban renewal initiative. We proudly view results such as the Willemsoord theatre and the library in School 7 (realised in cooperation with the Den Helder Housing Association),” the city council lets us know. According to the bench Vreugdenhil played an integral part in the redevelopment of the city center to what it is today. During his farewell-party Ferdinand Vreugdenhil was awarded the Medal of Honor by Mayor Jan de Boer.