Eric Huibrecht Vreugdenhil member of the Order of Orange-Nassau

Eric Huibrecht Vreugdenhil (K XII I.1)
By: Rianne de Zeeuw
Photo: Thierry Schut

Ten firemen from Honselersdijk have been awarded decorations, because they’ve been members of the voluntary fire service for over twenty years. The firemen decorated are John Bruinen, Rob Honselaar, Leen Lange, John van der Linden, Marco van Santen, Wim the Voeght, Michiel Zuijderwijk, Jeroen Zuurveld, Jos Zwinkels, and Eric Huibrecht Vreugdenhil (K XII l.1, fourth from the right). They all received their decorations from Mayor Bouke Arends and may now call themselves Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau./p>

Eric Huibrecht Vreugdenhil (K XII I.1)