Dennis Vreugdenhil drives in chic red

Dennis Vreugdenhil (D XI d 2.1)
By: Hortence Chen
Photo: Serge Ligtenberg

When Dennis gets into the cab of his truck his shoes come off. He’s very proud of his cab.

Red, red, and even more red. Even the lighting inside Vreugdenhil’s cab is red. “I drive primarily at night and those lights create a bit more atmosphere,” he proudly says. “The lighting doesn’t distract me at all. Of course I keep a close eye on the road.” Around two years ago this cab was changed from generic to something special. Vreugdenhil picked the the colour of the interior and fabric himself. “I wanted the inside to match the red and yellow on the outside of the cab.” The trucker from De Lier (South-Holland province) drives for his father’s company. “He doesn’t care for the interior that much. But he does like my red upholstery.” His father’s cabin is ‘just grey’. “Boring,” says Vreugdenhil. “But he drives a mobile crane, often on building sites full of mud. Then it would perhaps be a shame if you have such a luxurious cab like me.” Vreugdenhil transports containers with fruit from Latin-America. And in his opinion a truck with red upholstery fits well. He’s very careful with it: “I live in the cab and it really feels like my space, my home.”

Photo: Serge Ligtenberg

Shoes off!
In this cab you won’t find dirt easily. Especially since the shoes always come off. His brother sometimes gets to borrow the truck, but has to keep it clean. Dennis Vreugdenhil smiles: “I like it if it’s clean in here.”