Family foundation Vreugdenhil

Aat Vreugdenhil, Secretaris familiestichting Vreugdenhil

Aat Vreugdenhil

The Vreugdenhil-foundation is a voluntary organization and was founded in 1983 to try and compose the family tree of all the Vreugdenhillen all over the world.

The history of the family goes back as far as the year 1580. Our family foundation, in Dutch “Familiestichting Vreugdenhil”, was officially founded on April 15, 1983. Mr. J. Verhulst, whose mother was a Vreugdenhil, and some other members of the family had done a lot of genealogical research. At that time it was already known, that anyone bearing the name Vreugdenhil is a descendant of only one ancestor who lived shortly after the year 1600, but a lot of work still had to be done to complete the genealogy to a satisfactory level.

One of the aims of the “Familiestichting” was to financially support the investigations of Mr. Verhulst, as the expenses in that phase of the investigation are hard to bear for a single person. The other aim was to publish the complete genealogy in a book. This book was published in 1985; the title is “Het Westlandse geslacht Vreugdenhil: bijkans vier eeuwen genealogie” (The Westlands family Vreugdenhil : almost four centuries of genealogy). The Westland is the region in the west of Holland, between The Hague and Rotterdam, known for its horticultural products. The book is written in Dutch, but very systematically designed, so the pure genealogical data can be interpreted even if you don’t know Dutch. The price of the book is 35 euro.

Another activity of the foundation is the publication of a periodical with a frequency now of 3 issues every year. This periodical is called “Vreugdeschakel” (“schakel” means “link”). This periodical is sent to every known Vreugdenhil.

We ask you kindly to sent us any information about yourselve and/or your (grand)parents so that we are able to complete the family tree. Would you also be so kind to give us your address. We are also interested in e-mail addresses of other Vreugdenhil’s. So if you have brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, children, parents or any other type of relative please let us know their (full) names, birthdays, addresses, e-mail, phone number and what they are in relationship to you, any additional information is also welcome.

On behalf of the Board,
Aat Vreugdenhil