Articles of Association

Several articles from the Articles of Association:

Article 2. (Aim)

  • The Foundation aims to encourage the mutual knowledge concerning the Vreugdenhil-family and also to stimulate the mutual sense of family. It also aims to acquire, conserve and manage any business regarding the Vreugdenhil-family in any kind of way.
  • The Foundation tries to achieve her aims by doing research in archives and in literature and it’s resulting publications.

Article 4. (Board of directors)

  • The Foundation’s board of directors consists of at least three members and is mentioned for the first time in this deed.
  • The number of members will be settled by common consent, keeping to the required number mentioned in the above sentence.
  • The majority of the members within the board of directors has be bearer of the Vreugdenhil-name by birth.
  • Other members that are appointed to join the board of directors must be (must have been) either husband or wife or child or grandchild of a bearer of the Vreugdenhil-name.
  • The board of directors appoints a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer from among them.
  • The position of secretary and treasurer can be filled by one person.
  • At the opening of one or more vacancies within the board of directors, the remaining member(s) should fill these vacancies within three months after the opening by common consent.
  • The members of the board are to resign according to a resignment-schedule made by the board.
  • Anyone who fills an interim vacancy, will take his or her predecessors place within the schedule.
  • The resigning member can be re-elected immediately.
  • If, for any reason, one or more members of the board are absent, the remaining members do form a legitimate board of directors, subject to the content of article 7.
  • The members of the board will not receive rewards for their work.
  • However, they do have a right to claim the costs arisen by the performance of their position.

Article 13. (Dissolution and settlement)

  • The board of directors is authorized to dissolve the foundation.
  • The decision to the dissolution is to be made according to article 12, paragraph 1.
  • The foundation will be dissolved when: through insolvency she is declared bankrupt or by lifting the bancruptcy because the state of the assets; through legal interdiction in cases mentioned by the law.
  • The foundation will remain existant after dissolution when needed for the settlement of her property. In case of the board itself resolving for dissolution, the board of directors handle the settlement themselves.
  • The liquidators have to take responsibility for the fact that the dissolution of the foundation-registration happens in the register mentioned in article 12, paragraph 3. During the settlement the terms of these Articles of Association remain valid as much as possible.
  • Any possible surplus of the dissolved foundation will be spend according to the aims of the foundation whenever possible.
  • The archives and the documentation of the foundations will be transferred to an achive-depository under conditions to be determined later, according to article 9 of the Achive-Law “1962”.